What Graduates Say About Their DATS Experience!

The following individuals recently completed the DATS course and provided feedback about their experience with DATS and their training.

Overall, it was a really good program that helped me get into the dental field. I would definitely recommend to anyone that would be interested in the field. – R.Q.

The experience here at DATS was a memorable one. I would highly recommend a family/friend attend the program if they are ever interested in becoming a dental assistant. They will teach you everything that you need to know and the instructors are the best at what they do. – S.Z.

I came to DATS because it offers a fast pace and hands-on experience. Other programs that I looked into were mostly all nine months programs. DATS is only a 9-week program with a two days a week schedule. Overall it was an amazing experience. I liked every moment of it. – D.G.

When I was younger, I had a very kind dental hygienist who left a big impression on me. I didn’t know what I wanted to be for a few years because I wanted to explore things, but in the end, this is what I want. To become a dental assistant and move on up to becoming a dentist. It was the most convenient school for me because I love learning hands-on and I work early mornings at the hospital. It was hands-on, quick, and nearby. The instructors and co-students throughout the entire course will be a memory I hold on to forever. It showed me that I am capable of achieving my goal. It was a great experience! – N.R

I genuinely loved the experience. It was not only educational and helpful for my future career, but I gained new friends. – A.L.

I chose to do DATS because it was convenient for me because it was only three months and I wanted to get into the dental field ASAP. I liked how hands-on it was and how the teachers worked with us very diligently. I had an amazing time here at DATS, just hate that it ended so soon. – A.R.

I was referred by a friend who was in the program a previous semester. She told me she loved her job as a dental assistant so that made me even more eager to do it. I live in Austin, so I was only down for 12 weeks. The 9-week program allowed me to start a new professional career quickly. I think it was totally worth it and anyone interested in the dental field should seek more about this specific program. – J.F.

I liked that the DATS program wasn’t only lecture material but as well as hands-on training. It was a great experience overall. – E.G.

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